Terms and Conditions

Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled. SBM is not liable for the loss, theft or unlawful use of the ticket.

Tickets are personal and named, reselling them is strictly forbidden. All purchase of tickets out of counters or through unofficial websites is at the sole responsibility of the purchaser whose access could be denied.

Shows will start on time and latecomers will only be able to join their seats during a break that allow them to. Correct attire and jackets required for dinner shows. Tuxedo is mandatory for Galas. It is forbidden to film, record or take pictures.

Programming is suggested to be modified. Distributions are not legally binding.

When your ticket is checked, you will need to show an official and valid form of photo identification: ID card, passport, driving license or residence card. An official family record book (livret de famille) is accepted for children.

This ticket has to be conserved until the end of the event.